Barbershop Stories

Barbershop Stories is a live storytelling show hosted by Dawn J. Fraser and Mike Brown that features performers telling true stories to a live audience. Set in various culturally and artistically diverse neighborhoods of New York, and taking place on site in an actual hair salons and barber shops, the show showcases some of the region’s best performers including storytellers, comedians, and memoirists… and then we chop off their hair.

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Speaking & Storytelling

Dawn was featured as a speaker amongst some of the nation's top innovators and change makers at TED@NYC, has worked with students around the globe to develop their personal narratives, and teaches storytelling through The Moth’s Community and Education Program. Her speeches and workshops foster the ability of students, entrepreneurs, and business owners to develop stories that engage and inspire. Her own stories about growing up as a twin and a first generation Trinidadian have been featured on storytelling shows including The MothStory Collider, Soundtrack Series and RISK! 

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