Joining Forces: Storytelling in Advocacy and Coalition Building

Responding to social, cultural and political challenges requires leaders to draw on sources of inspiration and empowerment in a manner that moves us to action. Storytelling has the ability to integrate complex ideas into rich narratives that can have a long lasting effect. Designed for organizers, activists and others who are interested in policy, leadership, and coalition building, this presentation shows how personal stories can be presented to live audiences and the media in a way that informs people about social/ political issues and move them to action.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Create a compelling public narrative that demonstrates a campaign goal, outlines a strategy, and inspires others to act
  2. Describe a purpose for motivating others and define the values of a community that might join you in action.
  3. Understand the elements of stories, including plot, characters, and moral in a manner that challenges hidden assumptions and creates alternative visions for the future. 
  4. Learn how public narratives can be used for effective, meaningful, and culturally competent communication.