Innovate This!:  Business Stories that Shine

Communication and persuasion is a must have asset in the business world- be it to articulate the benefits of a product or service to customers, to motivate a team to get on board with a new strategy, or to convince investors to support an ambitious project. However, many entrepreneurs and business professionals get stuck in business speak, leaving their audiences unmotivated and unengaged. In this presentation, Dawn works with participants to develop stories that can serve as the foundation of break thru business communication.   

Takeaways from this talk include:  

  1. Learn how to increase awareness about your brand, services products and ideas by creating engaging narratives.
  2. Apply the principles of storytelling to effectively communicate a diverse range of business goals including vision, goals and strategy.
  3. Communicate to employees, partners, shareholders and other team member the value of products and services in addition to its practical applications.    
  4. Connect with consumers in a way that will incentivize them to engage with the business and drive to a desired call of action.