Persuasive communication is a must have skill- whether your goal is to articulate the benefits of a product or service to customers, to motivate team members to get on board with a new strategy, or to persuade stakeholders to take support an ambitious project. However, when using storytelling to with the intent of achieving these goals, many people find themselves stuck, leaving their audiences unmotivated and unengaged. In this workshop, you will learn best practices designed to develop engaging personal stories for breakthrough business communication.

Key Takeaways: 

1.) Recognize the steps needed to increase awareness about your brand, services, products and ideas by creating engaging narratives.

2.) Learn the aspects of storytelling including theme, structure, sensory details, scenes, summaries, authenticity and decision making.

3.) Apply the 7 key principles of personal and business storytelling to effectively communicate a broad range of goals.

4.) Craft a compelling story that can be used to communicate with consumers, internal and external stakeholders and fellow peers in a way that demonstrates values, evokes emotion and illuminates potential.

5.) Utilize a framework to apply stories in various professional settings, including client presentations, strategic planning and partnership development.

Dawn’s teaching and facilitation style and ability to connect with all of us in a short space of time. Her examples were relevant, clear and actionable. The practice time we had was well guided. I thought it was an excellent use of my time.
— Spotify, Workshop Participant