“Dawn, a true professional, was generous with her time and expertise. She was an enthusiastic, motivating, and engaging speaker for our event and mentorship program. Participants found her to be very effective in drawing out their personal stories and building confidence to use these stories to connect with others and envision goals.”
— Dance /USA National Conference
Dawn Fraser is an entertaining and engaging storyteller. The attendees at our conference of organizational development and technical trainers from the world of higher education appreciated the way she used her story to illustrate how to build a story and how using story can empower leaders, show their authenticity, and create connection. She was a lovely addition to our conference agenda.
— Karen Fahey, CAADS | Alumni Affairs and Development- Harvard University

Program Descriptions



Being an effective leader can often require responding to challenges and creating a new vision for the future. Storytelling, as a leadership practice, enables us to recognize the experiences which have shaped our lives, communicate our values, and create opportunity for engaging in meaningful dialogue. In this interactive presentation participants will explore the meaning and significance of their personal experiences to craft stories intended to inspire, persuade and engage in local communities and beyond.

Takeaways from this talk include:

  1. Identify leadership challenges and teachable moments from ones lived experience that effectively communicates inclusion, hope and progress.
  2. Develop in the process the crafting of personal stories as a means to engage in a more meaningful and authentic dialogue.
  3. Recognize opportunities to improve leadership potential by understanding the effect that well structured stories have on the brain and body.
  4. Practice active effective listening techniques to enhance opportunities for competency, growth and communication.

The vulnerability factor: Finding & Sharing Our Truths

Everyone has a story to tell. However, many people don’t know which story tell, what they can do to improve it, or how to share it. Combining her experience as a storytelling coach and the lessons from her TED talk, Dawn explores the ways to connect the significant moments from our lives into memorable and thought provoking stories. Addressing issues including vulnerability and authenticity, Dawn shows us why telling our truths can not only be beneficial for personal development, but also as an effective tool that can be translated into various forms of communication.

Takeaways from this talk include:

  1. Recognize the elements of effective stories, including stakes and arc in a way that translates lived experiences into shared values.
  2. Understand the role of vulnerability, empathy, relevance and truth in the the development and crafting of personal narratives.
  3. Explore personal moments which may be used to demonstrate a personal characteristic or idiosyncrasies, and recognize when a story is emotionally and structurally ready to be shared.   
  4. Draft stories and develop a structure based on allocated length, intended audience and other given variables.

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