SPEECH COACHING - small groups & online

Dawn's signature course 'Story to Speech' is available for enrollment on a seasonal basis. This course is a platform for entrepreneurs, performers, business people, survivors and emerging speakers to develop the speaking platform. The training is delivered online via modules and live conference calls. For more details, please click here

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Ever dream of giving a TED talk, or other large speaking engagement? Do you have a message to share and don’t know how to share it? Or do you have a story and don’t know how to translate it into a speech? Dawn has worked with clients one on one to deliver the speech that will leave audiences feeling connected to you as a speaker, and leaving them with a message that sticks.

Dawn sees her role as a speech coach as a in depth way to uncover the hidden gems in your communication pattern, and bring them to life. Much of this process entails finding the right experiences to share, recognizing its true significant and message, and connecting it back to an intended audience.   

Coaching Areas:

  1. Storytelling with a Message  – Uncover new stories to use as part of a speech that inspires, persuades, and engages audiences.

  2. Story and Speech Structures - Learn classic as well as specific structures to construct a message. Includes concepts like 'Controlling Ideas', and 'Emotional Resonance'
  3. Persuasion and Validating Your Audience - Sharing a vision, values, and motives

  4. Perfecting the Pitch - Includes ‘Presentation Skills’ and ‘Audience/ Participant Engagement’

  5. Voice and presentation techniques - Includes best practices for memorization, pacing

How it Works:

Dawn's coaching packages can include online instruction, live coaching, or a combination of the two depending on the location. 

Over the course of 6-8 sessions, Dawn meets with clients one on one to evaluate, refine, update, or create a new speech. Each session will be focused on different aspect of speech development, including content selection, crafting and delivery. By the end of the coaching sessions, the client will have one full speech ready to present at an upcoming engagement. 

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  • Jeff Rosenblum - Founding Partner of Questus Advertising Firm
  • Jackie Cruz - Actress and Singer- Orange is the New Black
  • MILCK -  Musician, Singer, Songwriter
    • Emerging Women Live - Keynote Address


As a recording artist and songwriter, I usually express myself with music helping to interlace between my words. In comparison to creating a 50 minute musical performance, creating a 50 minute keynote speech is its own form of art in its own right. Working with Dawn Fraser was both productive, fun, and insightful. What was so amazing about working with Dawn was that the whole process was smooth yet meaningful, organic yet structured. She has sharp instincts in discovering the gems of my story, and a knack for helping me discover deeper themes to my narrative. Dawn used a really creatively gentle, yet effective approach of helping me create a speech that is true to me, while also being modifiable for different time slots and audiences. The way that Dawn trained me also helped me to be free from reading a script right away, so memorization never needed to be this arduous task.

On top of the smart design of Dawn’s coaching, I found Dawn’s energy to be positive, warm, and contagious! We laughed a lot during our sessions. It was a joyful process. In turn the great vibes made me super comfortable to share a lot of my personal anecdotes with her, in order for us to best craft a powerful speech together. After my first keynote at the Denver Emerging Women Live conference, I received a standing ovation, and feedback saying that this was their best keynote speech yet! Wow!
— MILCK - Singer / Songwriter
Dawn Fraser is an excellent public speaking coach! She’s extremely smart, talented & hard-working. She would be an asset to your executives in helping them to speak in public arenas. I highly recommend her!
— Private Client